Learn Dutch (adult) and about Hague/Utrecht before visiting/moving there

Good evening!

Sorry for my English, that is the whole reason for my post. I am not finding any information anywhere for adult classes to learn Dutch in the Portland Metro area. Do any of you provide classes or tutoring?

This July I will be studing a one week course in Utrecht and exploring Den Haag to try to meet people in the nonprofit/ global policy world, with the goal to move there in two years or less. I would really love to meet with someone before then over coffee to learn about either of those cities and any cultural sensitivities I should be aware of. After that, I'd like to take Dutch lessons so I'm ready to return and hopefully move there to work with working Dutch already learned. 

Thank you for any help/direction! I will show up at one of the next events to ask the same thing, work -willing. 


Lindsay Nelson



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