Hi all-

Sorry for the English! We just returned from 3.5 years in Amsterdam where my kids (10 & 13) attended Dutch school. As they're almost fluent (and worked really hard for it), we'd like to find them some sort of support so they don't lose it.

Whether it's via classes, or if there's a kid-friendly conversational group, I'd love some suggestions. Please let me know if you are aware of either. (Or, if you're a tutor...) The tiener has already switched the electronics over to Dutch to "keep up". ;)



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Hello Deanna,
My children are 4 and 6, and I would love to get them in a Ditch conversation group as well. Did you get any responses?

hi Sophia and Deanna - my son is almost 4 and we just moved back to Portland after 6 yeas, so would love to find a dutch group or dutch babysitters as well to keep his language skills up. 

Have either of you had any progress or ideas for this?




Hi Sophia, Deanna and Karl,

My name is Nuno Clauzing. I'm a 22 year old student at PSU. I moved to Portland last year in September from the Hague. I speak Dutch fluently and would love to tutor/babysit since I want to become a teacher. I have over 6 years experience in babysitting and have been an teaching assistant at college the Netherlands. 

I would love to answer anymore questions you might have. Please feel free to reach me at (503) 701 4855, text or call :)



Hi All,

We also have three children (11, 9 and 6) who are in the same situation. (We spent 4 years in Amsterdam and moved back to PDX this summer.)

@Nuno- would you be interested in working with a group of children? Potentially split into two different groups? Older group and younger group? We'd be willing to host at our house if we could pull this all together.



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