Are you eligible to receive AOW (Dutch Social Security)?

Hi All,

I wanted to start a blog on receiving AOW while you live in the US and you lived some years after your 15th Birthday in the Netherlands. I am about to turn 65 myself and so it might be interesting to see what an Expat qualifies for.

Keep in mind I am in the process of obtaining AOW myself and have not completed this process yet so we will have some further updates as we go on.

For starters

Here is an article from the SVB page:

AOW pension

Claiming an AOW pension if you live outside the Netherlands

If you live outside the Netherlands, how to claim an AOW pension depends on where you live.

There are three possibilities.

  1. You live in a country of the EU/EEA
    You have a choice. You can submit your AOW pension claim to the social insurance organization in the country where you live, or in the country where you were last insured. We advise you to submit your claim in the country where you live.
  2. You live in a country with which the Netherlands has an social security agreement or in a country of the EU/EEA

    If you are insured under that country's state pension scheme, you should contact the pension agency in that country about your AOW pension claim. 

    If you are not insured under that country's state pension scheme, you should contact the pension agency in the country where you were last insured. If that was the Netherlands, get in touch with us and we will send you a claim form. If you live in the United States, you should contact the US pension authorities about your AOW pension claim. 

    If you live in Morocco, contact the Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale (CNSS) in Morocco about your AOW claim.
  3. You live in a country not referred to above. 
    Contact us, and we will send you a claim form.
After you have been awarded an AOW pension, you can log in to My SVB

As soon as we have awarded you an AOW pension, you can request a DigiD login code for My SVB. With that code, you can view your details and read and print out your monthly AOW pension statements from outside the Netherlands 24 hours of the day. You can also report changes that way, e.g. inform us about a new account number.

WIth a DigiD code, you can arrange your AOW pension affairs via My SVB on our website, thus avoiding high telephone costs when contacting us.

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Comment by Ineke Deruyter on April 12, 2016 at 8:39pm

The way I received my BSN # was to apply for AOW here in Portland via Social Security. It took a long time, more than 2 years, during which my paperwork got lost at least once, and got found again because I never had to re-file. In the end the AOW folks realized I did not have this BSN # and referred my AOW application to the belastingsdienst, I believe, who issued me a # and informed me of it by mail. I never had to go anywhere or apply for it separately. You need this number for a new passport as well.

Like I said, it took several years to get my AOW, though they will pay it retroactively if you apply on time. Now I get a ( small) check deposited in my bank in Nederland every month. You can also have them deposit it to a USA bank, your choice.

Comment by Portland Dutch Society on April 12, 2016 at 7:31am

Just came back from the Netherlands and I obtained my BSN (Burger Service Nummer) in Zwolle het stads kantoor.

I had to make an appointment to meet with a clerk there and all in all, it took 1/2 hour or so to get it done. They do ask pointed questions on why you need a BSN nummer what is the purpose, etc.

It is free and you get an official document back with you

With the BSN in hand, I opened a bank account with the Rabo bank in order to give the AOW an account to deposit the checks.

Now I need to apply for AOW through our own Social Security see the SSA Link in the above article


Comment by Portland Dutch Society on November 8, 2015 at 7:19pm

Update for starters Born in 1950, I won't get my AOW until 65 + 6 months.Planning to go the Netherlands to get a BSN number in Zwolle and filling out the Social Security form SS-2490-BK. Reinier

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