I am a retired Police Officer from Southern California, and now live in Bend. In Holland, our family lived in Haarlem and Roermond. That was 55 years ago. We came to Pasadena, California, March 12, 1962. Went to Jr High, High School & USC in California. I had to relinquish my Dutch Citizenship to keep my job as an Officer. Post career, relocated to Bend. 

On the first Saturday of the month, our Dutch Club here in Bend get together for coffee. Are there similar events in Portland? During my travels, it would be most enjoyable to meet with some Dutchees and chit chat in Dutch.  Thank You, Rene (Nico) van Tilborg

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Comment by Rene Van Tilborg on January 14, 2017 at 11:14am

Hallo Jelmer. Glad to help. I am a member of the Dutch Club here in Bend Oregon. On the first Saturday of the month we meet for coffee at 10:00 AM. Please come and meet us all. We’ll be at the Blue Bird Coffee House, Address550 NW Franklin Ave #168, Bend, OR 97701, Phone: (541) 330-2100. You’ll find it downtown on the north east corner of Bond Street & Franklin, across from the bank and the bakery. This last Saturday, Jan 7, was cancelled due to heavy snow fall.  Maria Porter is our organizer (uit Branant). Her email address is listed below. I am looking forward to meeting you soon and welcome to Bend. Feel free to contact me if you need help with anything. Rene’ en Theresa van Tilborg, Email: Guards1@hotmail.com – tel 541 408-4531.  Maria Porter Email: codutchclub@gmail.com Take good care of yourself and see your here. Rene.

Comment by Jelmer Vonk on December 26, 2016 at 9:54am

Goedemorgen Rene,
Ik ben onlangs naar Bend verhuisd en zeer geintereseerd naar de Dutch Club in Bend.
Zou u mij hier meer informative over kunnen sturen of in de juiste richting kunnen wijzen?

Dank en fijne feestdagen,

Jelmer Von

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